This prolonged monsoon, inducing heavy rains for over a period of 90 days
has caused this area to suffer from diseases like viral fever, cough and cold,
upper respiratory tract infections, etc, which are mainly caused by pests those thrive during monsoon season.
Pests such as mosquitoes of various species, spreading several deadly
diseases, breed and multiply in this season, because of water logging. Pests
such as house fly also breed and thrive in this season to spread several deadly diseases, affecting the Gastro Intestinal tract of humans. Cockroaches thrive in this damp and humid weather and freely contaminate the food and drinking water, to make the humans fatally sick.
Currently, Indore is suffering from the epidemic of such diseases. Pest Control service is essential to fight such a situation and everyone needs to be proactive regarding pest control, by using pest control measures, provided by the renowned pest control service provider companies.
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