The entire country will observe the day of 16th May, as the National Dengue Day. There will be a nationwide symposium to discuss on the effective organically managed ways, even in the block levels of the entire districts, to destroy and prevent the larvae of the mosquito, Aedes, from originating and developing into adult mosquito, that is responsible of spreading fatal diseases such as, Dengue, ChikanGunya and Zika.

These diseases are spread by biting of the mosquito Aedes. This species of mosquito breeds in clean water. It is necessary to clean and change the water filled in desert coolers, water storage tanks, or in other places, at least once in a week’s time. Water must not be allowed to be logged in places such as tires, plant pots, or coconut shells etc. If the cleaning and changing stagnant water becomes impossible at some places, it is advised to pour peanut oil on such deposited water, which creates a layer on the uppermost surface of the water and the larvae of Aedes mosquitoes are destroyed.

It is also advised to cover whole body partsby wearing full sleeved shirts etc, while going out in the evening. It is alsoadvised to use mosquito nets while sleeping at night. One can also use mosquitorepellent creams or liquids, available in the market, for this purpose.

Mosquito Control