A larva is the second stage of the breeding cycle of any species of mosquito. Larva develops from the eggs laid by a female mosquito, generally in stagnant and rotting water. Though some species of mosquito, such as Aedes can lay its eggs in fresh water also. Larva further develops in a Pupae and it later develops into an adult mosquito.

Different species of female mosquitoes are responsible in spreading different dangerous, often fatal diseases among humans. These diseases can take the forms of epidemics also. Malaria is spread by female Anopheles, Filariasis is spread by female Culex and diseases such as Dengue, Zika or ChikanGunya is spread by the Aedes mosquitoes, which claim a great many number of human lives every year throughout the world. 

It is very important to eradicate mosquito’s larvae if mosquitoes are to be eradicated from this world. Proper care should be taken to prevent mosquitoes from breeding by not allowing stagnant water to remain near human residential area. Mosquito larvae must be eradicated by adding fishes to these waters, which can eat all these larvae. Proper guidance can be obtained from expert pest control service provider, such as PCSI, at Indore, as to how these larvae can be completely exterminated. Contact PCSI now.