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What are the cleaning methods we have to do after the pest control treatment?

Any reputed pest control service provider provides all precautions related to cleaning methods after pest control treatment. Generally, one should adopt the following cleaning measures, after a pest control treatment in the house. After Pest Control completed minimum 24 hr do not enter in the related area. Kitchen area don’t use the food which is not kept in safe place. Don’t bring babies, kids in to the pest control area at same day when is done. Wash all the daily use clothing before ware, if it is not kept in safe place.

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Devastating results of negligence in exterminating termites from home.

The technical team of Pest Control Services INC visited a residential premise at Vijayanagar, Indore, M.P. This residential premise had sets of wooden furniture installed in the rooms. These sets of wooden furniture were badly infested by termites. The technical team of PCSI informed the house owner to have the termites exterminated, by availing a termite control service from the PCSI team. The team also informed the house owner of the possible dire consequences if the termites are not removed immediately from the wooden furniture, in the house. Somehow the house owner was not convinced and did not pay any attention to the warning given to him by…

Pre-Construction Termite Control

Pre-Construction Termite Control Plans by PCSI during Monsoon season.

Are you thinking of getting your own house constructed, especially in this monsoon season? PCSI advises you to definitely opt for its Pre-Construction Termite Control Plan to be implemented on your building site, before you get your construction started. Remember, termites can destroy your life time earnings in matter of days. And also remember, PREVENTION is always BETTER than CURE. Building a house with your lifetime savings? Contact PCSI, for its complete protection from termites. Need Help : +91-9826827806, 7471129888

Pest Control - Rakhi Offer

Pest Control-GIVE A GIFT OF #HEALTH TO YOUR SISTER#HappyRakshaBandhan

Pest control services Inc promises you a great extravagant Rakhi gift for your brother and sister. you can buy your sibling a pest control plan from Pest Control Service Incorporation. You can give your sibling a gift of health and protection from pest-related diseases. Buy your sibling a unique gift, the gift that can save the life of your sibling. Call : Call : 9826827806 / 9826965100/ 7471129888 | Visit :

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Pest Control Service Inc Independence day offer for ALL

Pest Control Service Incorporation is offering a great discount of 15% on its General Pest Control Plan, for everyone, on the occasion of 71st Independence Day of India. The general public can be greatly benefitted from this Gala Independence Day Offer of getting general pest control done, in their premises, with a fabulous price discount of 15%. This Indian Independence Day offer of General Pest Control is valid for all, only up to the bookings made till, 15th of August, 2018. However, Pest Control Service Incorporation will render the pest control service against these orders till 31st of August 2018. Please avail this unique opportunity to make your…

Rainfall and Termites

Rainfall and Termites, what one must know

Rainfall brings in rainwater to make the atmosphere and the surroundings moist. Rains make the houses and other premises moist and wet, which makes the wooden structures and wooden furniture moist and soft. Wood becomes ideal for the termite to invade the house and grow in the wooden structures and destroy everything that is made of wood. Termites are winged insects. They are always in the lookout for places where they can build a new colony. The wet household and soil invite these termites to do so. Termites grow at a maximum speed in rainy season. Monsoon brings moisture, heat and shelter from water in the houses, the…

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Best Pest Control Service in Indore

Indore is the commercial capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Indore can be stated as the commercial and financial capital city of central India. This city is growing continuously, both in commercial and industrial activities and in human population. This is resulting in continuous growth of infrastructures, both residential and commercial. This also results in continuous growth of pest infestations. Pest are a huge threat to human lives and properties. Pests are the root cause of destroying properties worth billions of rupees every year. Pests also destroy thousands of human lives in forms of epidemics, which occur at a fixed seasonal time, each year. Pest Control Services became necessary…

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The four major reasons, as to why one should hire a Professional Pest Control Service Provider Company.

Almost all the people love to keep their homes clean and free from pests. They spend some time every day or once in a week to make sure that their homes reflect their true personality. However, for various reasons, the pests’ infestations are very common phenomenon at homes and the pests make their way into homes. These pests are very difficult to get rid of. No one wants to see pests anywhere in side of their houses. No one wants to see bed bugs crawling all over their beds and cockroaches roaming in their kitchens. One must opt for a professional pest control company to eliminate the pests invading…


Difference between Ant and Termites

Termites are commonly known as White Ants. But termites are totally different from ants in many aspects. Both the termites and winged ants may seem exactly same at first casual glance. But one can find many differences between them on giving a closer look. Ants- Ants are eusocial insects. Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors, about 140 million years ago, and diversified after the rise of flowering plants.  More than 12,500 of an estimated total of 22,000 species have been classified. They are easily identified by their elbowed antennae and the distinctive node-like structure that forms their slender waists. Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organized colonies…


Don’t Let Termites Destroy Your Houses & House Hold Goods

A house is a life time achievement for many. It is a treasure that can never be put at stake at any cost. Yet this lifelong effort and sacrifices to build a house can be put to dust by a simple negligence. Termite infestation can destroy a house so silently that by the time the house owner can detect the damage done by termites, it is often too late and the damage done is beyond repair. This damage caused to a house or house hold goods by termites is not covered by the insurance policies for property insurance. A simple technique of Pre-and Post-Construction Termite treatment can prove…