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Hanta Virus – Disease caused by Rats and Rodents

What is Hanta Virus? Hanta Virus is a Virus that is carried by many different species of Rodents. Hanta Virus is mainly carried by Voles and Mice. What are the symptoms of Hanta Virus? The symptoms of Hanta Virus infection are similar to the symptoms of Flu. Although different species of Rodents carry different species of viruses, all viral infections symptoms are more or less same. How the Hanta Virus is transmitted? This virus is commonly spread through the urine of the carrier rodent. This virus is also spread through the saliva and the faeces of the carrier Vole or the Mice. Whenever a person may touch these…

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The four major reasons, as to why one should hire a Professional Pest Control Service Provider Company.

Almost all the people love to keep their homes clean and free from pests. They spend some time every day or once in a week to make sure that their homes reflect their true personality. However, for various reasons, the pests’ infestations are very common phenomenon at homes and the pests make their way into homes. These pests are very difficult to get rid of. No one wants to see pests anywhere in side of their houses. No one wants to see bed bugs crawling all over their beds and cockroaches roaming in their kitchens. One must opt for a professional pest control company to eliminate the pests invading…


Rat and Mouse, same family but different in structure and Character

About Rat- Rat is used to describe medium-sized rodents with long thin tails. There are many species of rodent that are called rats — kangaroo rats, cotton rats, Norway rats, black rats, African pouched rats, naked mole rats, wood rats, pack rats, Polynesian rats, and many others. These different rodent species may not be closely related to each other at all! Adult rats are far heavier and longer: they can weigh ten times as much, averaging 350-450 grams for females and 450-650 for males (with an overall range of 200-800 grams). They have 9-11-inch-long bodies and 7-9-inch tails. Young, weaned rats are still larger than adult mice, weighing around 100 grams at…