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What are the cheapest remedies for bed bugs?

It is best to use hot water to wash all clothes, linens and anything fabric that may have contacted the bugs. Heat will kill anything hiding in your linens. Use a dryer to dry everything as well, because a dryer will hit the bugs with a double dose of heat. Just make sure you pay attention to the tags on the fabric, as your linens may be dry clean only. Dry cleaning can also kill bed bugs, but make sure you inform the dry cleaner of the possible infestation. Once you’ve given your bedding the heat treatment, follow up by vacuuming all areas of the infested rooms. Vacuuming will remove any…

Zika Virus mosquito control

22 people test positive for Zika in Rajasthan

The Prime Minister’s Office and the Health Ministry in Central Government at New Delhi has issued a RED ALERT, as 22 people have tested positive for Zika virus infection in the state of Rajasthan, especially in the district of Jaipur. The reported cases suffering from Zika virus infection is on the increase in the district of Jaipur and it has sounded the alarm in the ministries in Central government also. The Bihar government has also issued a watch out notice for Zika virus infection, within the state. The incidences of Zika virus infection is on the rise in India and people must be aware to take proper precaution…

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Which is more dangerous, a snake or mosquito?

Snakes are not dangerous. A very nominal percentage of snakes are poisonous. Out of these, there are very few snake’s species, whose venom is fatal enough to kill a person. Snakes also have a very small population of species that is large enough to strangulate a person or crush the person to death. Snakes do not interfere with humans. They strike only when they feel threatened. Mosquitoes are potential carrier of many dangerous diseases. Many of these diseases are in forms of epidemics. These epidemics are strong enough to wipe out an entire human society. Mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases such as Malaria, Filariasis, Dengue, Zika and other fatal…

What is the definition of insects and pests?

What is the definition of insects and pests?

Insects are those bugs which are not harmful to human society. But Pests cause damage in some way to humans. A pest is a plant or animal detrimental to humans or human concerns including crops, livestock, and forestry. The term is also used of organisms that cause a nuisance, such as in the home. An older usage is of a deadly epidemic disease, specifically plague. In its broadest sense, a pest is a competitor of humanity. An insect is any of a class Insecta of arthropods (such as bugs or bees) with well-defined head, thorax, and abdomen, only three pairs of legs, and typically one or two pairs of wings.

How can I identify bed bug eggs

How can I identify bed bug eggs?

Identification of eggs of bed bugs can easily be done with the right tools and methods to be applied for the purpose. Bed bug eggs are small, white and about the size of a pinhead. They can also be seen with naked eyes. These eggs are difficult to find because of their very small size. One needs a magnifying glass and a flashlight to find bed bug eggs. These eggs are sticky and they remain attached to a surface. Bed Gug Control/Treatment Contact


मच्छर का जीवन चक्र – सोशल मीडिया से मिले वीडियो द्वारा

इस वीडियो में मच्छर का जीवन चक्र दिखाया गया है। मादा मच्छर पानी में अपना अनगिनत निषेचित अंडे देती है। ये अंडे एक से तीन दिनों में छोटे छोटे लार्वा में बदल जाता है। ये लार्वा पानी के सतह पर आकर सांस लेते हैं। कुछ दिनों में इन लार्वा में फिर से परिवर्तन होता है। ये अब करीब करीब गोलाकार प्यूपा में बदल जाते हैं। कुछ ही दिनों में इन प्यूपा के खोल से पूरा वयस्क मच्छर बाहर निकल आता है। ये वयस्क मच्छर अब मनुष्य को काटकर उनमे घातक बीमारी फैलाते हैं। ध्यान देने योग्य बात यह है की मादा मच्छर पानी में ही अपनी अंडे देती है। अगर…

Pre-Construction Termite Control

Pre-Construction Termite Control Plans by PCSI during Monsoon season.

Are you thinking of getting your own house constructed, especially in this monsoon season? PCSI advises you to definitely opt for its Pre-Construction Termite Control Plan to be implemented on your building site, before you get your construction started. Remember, termites can destroy your life time earnings in matter of days. And also remember, PREVENTION is always BETTER than CURE. Building a house with your lifetime savings? Contact PCSI, for its complete protection from termites. Need Help : +91-9826827806, 7471129888

Pest Control - Rakhi Offer

Pest Control-GIVE A GIFT OF #HEALTH TO YOUR SISTER#HappyRakshaBandhan

Pest control services Inc promises you a great extravagant Rakhi gift for your brother and sister. you can buy your sibling a pest control plan from Pest Control Service Incorporation. You can give your sibling a gift of health and protection from pest-related diseases. Buy your sibling a unique gift, the gift that can save the life of your sibling. Call : Call : 9826827806 / 9826965100/ 7471129888 | Visit :

Pest Control 71% Discount.

71% price discount on general pest control plan

Pest Control Services Inc. Indore is offering a gala Independence Day Offer, on General Pest Control, on the 71st Independence Day of India. This Independence Day offer allows 71% price discount on general pest control plan, to Indian Freedom Fighters, Indian Defence Personnel and personnel from Police Department, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This Indian Independence Day offer to the eligible persons remain valid up to 15th of August, 2018. The orders for General Pest Control Plan can be placed by the eligible persons, to PCSI, under this offer, till 15th of August 2018. However, the pest control service against the orders under this offer can be…

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Pest Control Service Inc Independence day offer for ALL

Pest Control Service Incorporation is offering a great discount of 15% on its General Pest Control Plan, for everyone, on the occasion of 71st Independence Day of India. The general public can be greatly benefitted from this Gala Independence Day Offer of getting general pest control done, in their premises, with a fabulous price discount of 15%. This Indian Independence Day offer of General Pest Control is valid for all, only up to the bookings made till, 15th of August, 2018. However, Pest Control Service Incorporation will render the pest control service against these orders till 31st of August 2018. Please avail this unique opportunity to make your…

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