Pest Control Treatment for Wooden Furniture and Structures

Wooden furniture are most susceptible to pest infestations. Wooden furniture and household fixtures are quiet expensive and are easily destroyed by pests. Classic wooden furniture cost fortunes.. They need to be protected properly. So many different pests attack wooden furniture to turn them to dust. Pest infested wooden furniture is very difficult to save. By the time pest invasion in furniture is detected, most of the furniture is destroyed from inside. It is necessary to adopt preventive pest control methods to protect wooden structures.

Wood borer infestation control

Wood Borer is also known as Powder post beetle. As its name suggests, the beetle thrives in wood and turns the wood into powder. These beetles lay eggs in wood. Their larvae feed extensively in wood and turn the wood into powder from inside. If observed keenly, many tiny holes will be visible on wood borer infested wood. A very fine yellow powder is seen coming out of these holes of such woods. This is the outcome of the larvae feeding on wood deep inside. They feed on slightly moist sapwood and grow into pupae. They come out when they are fully developed in an adult woodborer beetle.
Wood borer beetles must be checked in the beginning. Moisture level of the wood must be brought down to minimum before furniture making. The wood should be left in open sun to dry from inside, or put in some heating system to dry. Borate insecticides should be used on the furniture. A recommended solution of borate insecticide should be sprayed on the furniture. Fumigation is a very effective anti wood borer beetle method. Proper fumigation will also get rid of woodborer beetles.

Termite infestation control

Termites are also known as white ants. It is found in all environments, both in dry as well as moist areas. It is most dangerous enemy of wood, wooden structures and furniture. To control termites, one must. Eradicate moist areas.
A solution of borate insecticide should be sprayed as per intensity of infestation. This goes deep inside and protects the wood from termites for years. Fumigation is an effective method of termite control at the initial stage on surface area. It must be done frequently and repeatedly.

Carpenter bee infestation control

These bees resemble common bees. They build their nests in hard woods .The nests of these bees are built inside wood in form of tunnels. These tunnels can be six to ten inches long depending on the width of wood. This tunneling inside wood makes the wooden structure crumble and the wood destroyed.
The carpenter bees should also be treated with fumigation first. A couple of fumigations make the bees fly away. However, Pest Control Service INC is the best help in furniture treatment and protection pest control.