Pest Control and Elimination in Health Care Services

Health care services are of top most importance. Pests are always a very potential threat to the health and hygiene status of any industry. Healthcare industry is very sensitive industry and must be dealt with extreme care and expertise.

The health care services include………Hospitals, Nursing homes, Polyclinics, Maternity homes, Child care homes, Doctor consultation clinic Trauma centers Pathology laboratory, Radiology centers, Blood banks, Pharmacies, Health centers. This includes all the places where support care system is developed for the sick. Such as Hospital, kitchens, Dressing material preparation centers.

Pests are absolutely not tolerable in any medical centers. Any pest is a carrier of a serious disease. They make the matter worse for those already sick. Hospitals or any health care service center is a very welcome place for any pest. It is warm, with continuous supply of food, sufficient shelter and constant transportation in form of moving patients. These places are where they thrive, and must immediately be eliminated. The health service centers with residential facilities are having caterings for staff and inmates.

Present professional approach is to keep safety with efficacy first. So, professional pest control services prefer to adopt non chemical trap method in health care places as much as possible. Effective pest control in health care service begins with preventive measures. To stop entry of all types of pests in the center, every entry point must be sealed in the center.

The second stage is to resort to non chemical pest control methods as far as possible. The pesticides are poisonous, neurotoxins, and are injurious for patients even if inhaled. The food and water supply also are exposed to the danger of being contaminated and if so, it becomes a danger beyond perception. So all efforts are to be made to avoid them and use traps, baits and other mechanical methods those are effective and safe for humans. The indoor and outdoor areas should be kept clean. The areas should be devoid of vegetation so not to provide any hiding place to flying insects. The garbage and wastage disposals must be perfect.

A very alert inspection followed by very efficient communication is a must to maintain pest free campus. A 24×7 inspection system must keenly inspect the entire area for any sign of pest invasion and that must immediately be communicated to efficient authorities for immediate action. Sanitation is an area which has to be excellent in all matters. A professional pest control service such as pest Control services INC, with excellent track record must be given entire responsibility of pest control and maintenance.