Pest Control and Elimination in Warehouses, Stores, Godowns

Warehouse is a large area where goods are stored in large quantity. These areas are having unique problems. The doors are large, so large to accommodate very big transport vehicles. Doors of these places are kept open during working hours or keep on opening and closing continuously. People working inside keep on entering or going out of the ware house on a regular basis. The warehouse offers an open space to every pest to enter freely and live comfortably. Pests carry over hundred communicable diseases to make the people inside seriously sick, even die in groups. Damaging the stored goods to the level of complete destruction or contaminate the quality to make it unfit for use, a total loss of products. Contaminating the area by biological droppings, feces, hairs, skin, and such other things making the place foul and hygienically unfit to stay and work, unsafe.

Normally any pest can infest a warehouse as entry is no problem there, but pests found commonly in a warehouse are ,Birds Bats, Rats and rodents, Crawling animals, Cockroaches, Termites, Ants, And other insects. All entry points should be covered with nets., All bird resting and nesting places should be covered with spikes. Bird proof gel can be used in boards and signs .Bird blazers can be used indoors to keep birds away. Ultra sonic devices are very useful to keep birds away. A scarecrow type visual scare can be used to put birds away. Bats are nocturnal animals, active during night hours. Ultrasonic devices are very effective to keep bats away. Rats and rodents entry must be checked at all points. Rat traps should be used at all possible rat nesting places. Ultrasonic sound barrier is effective for all types of pests. Similar methods can be used for crawling animal pests.

All traditional cockroach elimination measures should be used to control cockroaches. Effects of cockroaches are relatively less in warehouses as very few warehouses have damp areas or pipelines as toilets, washrooms and pantry. Termites need traditional termite control methods to be eliminated. Very few warehouses has wooden structures inside or open exposed soil areas, so termites remains rare inside. Large structures like doors etc or vulnerable places, preferably the entire area should be treated with termite control measures. These are not that much harmful as long as any edible stocks are stored inside the warehouse. Even if so, these stocks are not stored for a long period unless cold storage or other specialized facilities to preserve the stocks are available. If infestation is found, standard pest control methods should be applied.

However, the best option is to avail the services of a professional pest control house such as Pest Control Services INC to have a guaranteed satisfactory pest control service.