Pest Control & Elimination in Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Industry most exposed to pests. This industry is directly related to people’s health and hygiene. The segments need to be given special attention in Pest Control are-Hotels and Restaurants, Food joints such as cafes and dhabas, Food parlors and Shops selling ready to eat food Grocery shops that sell pre cooked food, vegetables, eggs, meat, poultry, packed foods, Shops selling fish, Shops selling baby food, , bars, discotheques Shops selling medicines, coffee or tea shops and in any type of such joints.

Apart from places selling eatables or drinkables, places where human consumable goods are processed are also under strict pest control regulations; any mishap any place not only ruins the business but also ruins the reputation. Pests endangering the business are Cockroaches, House fly, Rats and Rodents, Termites, Lizards, Spiders and many such more. Food contaminated by any of these pests render the food unfit for human consumption. Food must be protected from these pests. Complete and total pest control to eliminate every pest must be applied.

Pest control in food and beverage industry needs to be a super specialist job. Any negligence in pest control runs a huge risk of contaminating the food for sale with applied pesticides. This in turn make the food unfit for human consumption resulting in total loss for the industry. So, pest control in this industry is a necessity and to be applied with extreme caution and expertise.

Minimum weekly inspection must be made in places where food is processed. Daily inspection is needed in places where ready to eat food is stored. Food and beverage attract multiple pests. Round the clock alert is mandatory.

Efforts must be made for pests not being allowed to infest the business premise; all entry points must be carefully checked and sealed. All water logging and moist areas must be dried up. Any food resources for pests must be very carefully eliminated. Professional pest control team must identify the problem very categorically. They must find out the reasons of pest infestations and terminate them permanently. They must also find out the pests infesting that area. Pest control team must analyze the whole situation methodically. The reasons for infestation, the types of pest’s infestations and the permanent remedial solutions which are effective and safe.

This selection of Pest Control service is the matter of efficiency in pest control. The right combination of use of chemicals and traps or baits marks the success of pest control. Pest control here must ensure elimination of pests and safety of food products simultaneously. This cannot be a generalized pest control drive. Constant monitoring of pest control is of utmost importance. It has to be done during and after pest control. Any weakness during application ruins the entire effort. A single egg of pest will make the entire industry collapse. Continuous observation is a must. Documented evidences of pest control details must be maintained meticulously. This helps in monitoring the pest control operations in the industry. This is also a mandatory obligation in food industry.

It is necessary to have a business contract with a professional pest control organization such as Pest control service INC that is efficient and competent, they will take entire responsibility to make the food business pest free and maintain it that way. They will also be responsible to meet the formalities of health and food department when called for.