Annual Maintenance Pest Control Treatments Contract

Pest control Service INC offers an annual maintenance contract to our clients. It offers services and facilities as mentioned below:


Pest Control Service Incorporatoin will provide four services in a year to the contracted party.
Each service will be in every three months. The service will carry a twelve months warranty period.


The Pest Control Service INC under annual maintenance contract will cover:
Pest Control of Cockroach control, Lizards control, Spider control, Wasp control Black and red ants control within the contracted premises.

For any other pest control facility, such as Rats, Bed bugs, Termites, Mosquitoes, Honey bees Sakes etc, additional contract is needed.
Pest Control Service offers daily service facility also to Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Warehouse, Godowns, C&F and FMCG dealers.