Why required Pre-construction Anti Termite Treatment.

Construction of any housing infrastructure for may be residential or for commercial purpose, requires a super heavy investment. Sometimes this investment claims the savings of a life time of a person, who is getting his house built. This infrastructure must be protected from all dangers which can cause harm to the establishment.  Pest infestation, especially termites infestation is a major cause of irrevocable damage to such buildings. Pre-Construction pest control is a mandatory pest control service, that has to adopted by any builder, before the builder starts building a house on that site.

Why one needs Pre-construction protection from termites and other pests?

Termite infestation is the biggest danger at the site of the future construction. Termites are specially attracted to wooden materials. Timbers and woods used in construction of the house are the targeted items of termite attacks.

Termites live underground. It must be ensured that there is no termite colony on or near the building site. Termites are capable of causing irreversible damage to a house, that is being constructed. Termite pest control is necessary to ensure safety of the house.

Termites are hard to be seen with naked eyes. One needs a team of experts to detect the presence of a termite colony on or near the building site.

Pre-Construction Termites Pest Control-

It is easy to eradicate termites once the termites are detected. One must hire the services of a professional pest control service provider company to provide termite control service at the building site. The commonly used termite control processes are-

  • To find out the termite colony and to find out the termite queen at the building site and fully destroy it to ensure complete termite control at the site.
  • To use physical barriers such as stainless-steel mesh, to protect the house from termites by preventing entrance of termites into the building.
  • To use graded granites as a physical barrier for protection of the house against termite infestations.
  • To use Reticulation system to prevent termite infestation in the house. A series of pipes are installed under the slabs in this reticulation system. These pipes carry termite pesticides and termite control chemicals at the time of termite infestation in the house, to destroy termites.
  • An effective termite control solution must be taken from an effective pest control service provider company, such as Pest Control Services Inc, Indore, for effective Pre-Construction termites and other pest control, at the site of house construction for protection of the house from termites and other pests, those can damage the house.