Ants Control

Ants Control Services

Ant Pest Control is now a necessary form of pest control activity, especially in residential and commercial complexes, since ants are causing maximum harm to human habitat in both such premises.

Ants are a form of social insects, which live in organised colonies. The ants are of many types. Most commonly found ants in and around human habitats are House Ants.

Harmful effects caused by Ants to Humans-

Ants are harmful to humans in multiple ways. Different species of ants cause different damages. Some species of ants are so poisonous that hey can kill a human only by their poisonous bites. Tropical fire ants can cause pain and swelling through their venomous bites. Some ants can spread diseases since they carry harmful bacteria on them, such as E. coli, Shigella, Streptococcus, Salmonellaand Staphylococcus. Ants generally destroy house hold goods. Ants feed on stored food materials. Ants are also responsible for causing great material loss to humans, both in residential and commercial areas.

Some ant species can cause damage to human habitat by destroying the wooden structures in the house. These are Carpenter ants. Red Fire ants can damage electrical appliances as they gather around such places where electric current flows.

Ants are a domestic nuisance when they crawl free over the food, furniture, bed and on the floor, in a human house.

Ant Pest Control-

Ant Control can be achieved by use of ant repellents, and ant spray, which are very helpful in getting rid of ants and ant removal from homes. There are baited ant traps available for ant pest control, at homes. Pest control for ants are always made available by professional pest control service provider companies, such as Pest Control Services Inc, which does everything it takes to solve the ant problems of their clients.

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