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Hanta Virus – Disease caused by Rats and Rodents

What is Hanta Virus?

Hanta Virus is a Virus that is carried by many different species of Rodents. Hanta Virus is mainly carried by Voles and Mice.

What are the symptoms of Hanta Virus?

The symptoms of Hanta Virus infection are similar to the symptoms of Flu. Although different species of Rodents carry different species of viruses, all viral infections symptoms are more or less same.

How the Hanta Virus is transmitted?

This virus is commonly spread through the urine of the carrier rodent. This virus is also spread through the saliva and the faeces of the carrier Vole or the Mice. Whenever a person may touch these infected urine, saliva or foeces of the rodent or whenever a person consumes contaminated food or drink, the person may contact Hanta Virus. Aerosolised particles are potential carriers of the infection and breathing in such air may also cause Hanta Virus infection.

Areas of Hanta Virus infection-

Hanta virus is found in different countries in Asia, in Europe, in America, etc.

Hanta Virus Treatment-

Hanta virus is a virus and it can be brought under control with the use of appropriate Anti-Viral Drug in proper dose. However, it is best to be preventive and keep the premises pest free and free from Vole and Mice, with the help of a professional Pest Control Service Provider Company.

How to prevent Rodent Borne Diseases?

Rodents are expanding with the expansion of human society. The humans are coming in contact of rodents more and more and getting infected with more and newer diseases.

Apart from Rats and Mice, Voles, Prairie dogs, ground hogs, ground squirrels etc are rodents those help in spreading diseases and infections.

 Importance of Pest Control Service in prevention of Diseases.

Pest control, here, rodent control is the most effective way to prevent the deadly diseases which are spread by these rodents. Home made pest control service does not provide reliable pest control and the premises cannot be termed as safe and pest free.

It is necessary to take the help of and services from a professional pest control service provider company, such as Pest Control Services Inc, Indore. Their services ensure complete elimination of rodents from the premises and make the area totally safe from diseases.

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