Why do we need Pest Control

Why do we need Pest Control?

Pests are that group of animals which cause us significant damage to our health, our property and even to our mental health. Insects, rodents and wildlife pests can spread deadly diseases that may cost lives of so many people at a given time. Pests can upset the total harmony of human social existence, since maximum pests co-exist with humans in human habitats.

Pest Control is only the effective measure adopted by people to get rid of these very harmful pests. Rats and mice, bed bugs, mosquitoes and house fly, ticks, termites, cockroaches, ants and racoons can destroy a human society to such an extent that it never can be repaired or recovered. These pests are powerful enough to wipe off an entire civilisation, if left uncontrolled.

Pests also put humans at harm by pilferaging its source of food supply, contaminating the drinking water and polluting the very air the humans breathe in. Pests can be very much harmful to humans, indirectly also.

Pest control is the essential measure of removing, reducing and completely eliminating these insects, rodents, or wild life pests to make human life and property safe. Pest control can now also be natural and non-chemical pest control, which is absolutely harmless for humans and animals.

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