lizard control

What are the best ways to keep lizards away from your home?

One can keep house lizards away by using natural insect killing balls of pesticides, or by using balls made of tobacco and coffee, all around the house.

House lizards stay away from cold water.  One can use Naphthalene balls, onions, garlics or pepper spray to shy off the house lizards. Egg shells and Tobasco sauce has also been found very effective in keeping the house lizards away from the house.

One should take ultimate care that there is no opening left in the house that can allow the house lizards to enter into the house. One should also take care that the house does not have any insects inside, which is the most favourable food for house lizards.

Flypapers are also one of the most effective ways to keep the house lizards away from the house. See to it that the house lizards do not get any food in side the house, it will automatically go away.

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