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Indore being an industrially developing and commercially developed city in Madhya Pradesh, a need of an efficient Pest control Service was strongly felt in the city to take care of pest control activity in and around the city of Indore. Dangers of pest infestations, pest born fatal human and animal epidemics and pest initiated damages were on the increase with the increase in city population and poorly managed establishment infrastructure. Improper sewage and garbage disposals led to pests and pest carried diseases in people, majority took the forms of epidemics causing loss of human lives.

Human and animal lives were at stake due to untreatable and lethal viral diseases carried by multiple species of mosquitoes. Diseases like Dengue, Encephalitis, resistant viral fever, swine flu etc became regular in the city and around, claiming number of human lives. Now this city faces threats of diseases like Ebola and Zika.

Properties worth crores of Rupees are destroyed every year because of pests eating away through wooden and other structures in residential and commercial establishments. These cause irreparable and irrevocable loss to the residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure in the city taking the city back financially every year.

Pests like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, rats, fleas, bedbugs, rats, termites, lizards are slowly destroying this city of Indore with its inhabitants. Here Pest Control Services INC stepped in with latest pest control technology and trained skilled manpower. PCSI is an organization regularly updating its pest control technology to meet with the challenge faced by the city of Indore and surrounding areas. PCSI is not only committed to eradicate pest related hazards but to make people aware of pests problems and pest control.

Pest Control Services Inc is the only company at Indore, which has received
a certification of being an Expert level pest control service provider
company, from the eligible authorities. It is a prestigious certification that
is received by a pest control service provider company only after long and
strenuous training in technical skill development in pest management
Pest Control Services Inc is also one of the top most three pest control
service provider companies in the area. It is striving hard to become the top
position holder and is confident to become so, within a very short span of

Pest Control Service Incorporation -Vision

Pest Control Services INC has a vision of disease free City, state and country. Poor hygiene and sanitation leads to pest infestation in huge proportions. This leads to increase in pest carried diseases each year. And these diseases claim millions of human lives all over the world.

PCSI has the vision of complete elimination of these pests from the face of this planet. Effective eradication and elimination of these pests would result into automatic elimination of epidemics which claim thousands of human lives each season every year.

PCSI visualizes a pest carried epidemic free healthy society. PCSI has a team of experts dedicated to fulfill this vision. PCSI also has a vision to save this country from property and assets loss caused by pests resulting into billions of Rupees worth of public and private properties destruction every year.

Rural health is a matter of great concern and lack of education makes the situation worse. PCSI is having a vision of educating the rural population of health and properties hazards caused by pests and how they can be eliminated.

Pest Control Service INC maintains a vision of making our country pest free. Pest Control Service INC has a vision of preventing our people from the deadly diseases it suffers from every year, resulting into unnecessary loss of lives. Pest Control Service INC has a vision of protecting the public and private properties including the historical monuments, the religious temples and the archeological monuments in India, which are priceless and irrecoverable, worth billions of rupees being damaged and destroyed by pests.

Pest Control Service Incorporation -Mission
Pest Control services INC is an organization with a mission. The team of PCSI is committed to make the city of Indore and surrounding areas pest free. It has an objective to expand its pest eradication mission to Pan Indian area, but it will take some time. First the city, surrounding areas, the state of Madhya Pradesh and ultimately the entire country will be made pest free by Pest Control services INC.

Human lives need protection from pest carried diseases. Pest carried fatal diseases are still without any effective treatment. Mosquitoes are the greatest evil doers among all the pests. Life threatening diseases, such as, Zika, Dengue, Malaria, Encephalitis, Filariasis, Viral fevers are all caused by virus carried by different species of mosquitoes. Most of the diseases have claimed millions of lives worldwide. Other fatal disease such as Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, Yellow fever, American and Japanese Viral fever etc are also pest carried diseases. PCSI is having a mission to completely wipe out these diseases by eliminating related pests from this area.

Pest Control services INC is also having a mission to protect invaluable properties and assets from destructions caused by pest invasion. Rats, Mice, Termites, Borer, cause irreparable and irrecoverable damage to national and public properties. These pests are also must be eradicated from face of this earth.

Pest Control Services INC also carries a mission to make people aware of dangers caused by pests and pest control measures. Pest control can only be achieved if people are aware of this problem. PCSI is committed to achieve its goal.


The objective of Pest Control Service INC is to serve the human society, to make the society pest free. The objective remains to build a disease free healthy society where every human and livestock lives a healthy life. The objective of Pest Control Service INC is to free the properties from damages and losses caused by pests, to build a happy carefree human society.

Pest Control Service INC was formed with the objective to serve the national interest, to prevent loss of lives by pest carried diseases; to prevent loss of national properties damaged by pests. The objective remains to offer protection to the human population against fatal diseases and to the country against loss of precious national property caused by and damaged by pests.

Another objective of Pest Control Service INC is to educate people about pests and pest control. So, Pest Control Service INC is committed to bringing awareness to people of society.



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