Pest Control and Elimination in Offices

Office premise is a busy premise .Often it is a crowded place full of furniture and other office equipments. It also has activities like provision of food and drinks to people working in the office. As such an office is an ideal breeding place for varieties of pests. Every office staff is a potential victim of pest carried diseases Offices being community place, any infected person can very easily infect everyone else in the office. A proper preventive measure must be adopted well in advance. Serious communicable diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, and Swine flu are threat to lives of office staff Pests like rats and rodents destroy the office equipments and furniture. They damage office records also. Rats and mice, cockroaches contaminate food and drinks meant for office staff, thus causing many serious gastro intestinal diseases to people in the office.

Location of office is very important for pest problems. It may be City, Urban, Industrial area, or Rural. It also depends on the surrounding of the office. The age, condition and construction of the building is also leading factors of pest problems. The sanitation and drainage with sewage facility matters much in pest issue. The interior and the lay out design of h office building is an important factor in pest problem. The ventilation in the building, the sunlight entering in the building, the moisture and humidity issue on the building.

The goods stored in the building play a vital role in pest problem in the building. If the office has a cafeteria or pantry o serve food or drinks to office staff, it becomes a high risk factor for pests. The elimination of rats and mice should be done on traps and baits methods preferably. Cockroaches should be eliminated around eating and cooking places, toilets and bathrooms, the drainage and sewage pipelines and the moist and damp areas in the office. Mosquitoes are abundantly found in dark areas of offices. Presently maximum life threatening diseases like Dengue, ZIKA, and other viral fevers are spread by mosquitoes that bite during day time. Places like under office furniture are likable hiding spots for these mosquitoes and they make the office their happy hunting ground from these corners. House fly is equally troublesome in an office and are a health problem for office staff. It is essential to apply preventive methods to restrict entry of pests in the office building. It is also essential to have service of a professional and competent pest control service center, such as Pest Control services INC with a proven track record.