FAQ's Pest & Pest Control Services


What is Pest?

Any living macro organism that can by itself or through some other micro-organism it carries in its body, cause any harm to lives, health, habitat or properties, are pests. These pests must be destroyed and their regeneration, reproduction must be checked to free the society from the losses it cause.

What is Pest Control?

The destruction and arrest of regeneration of pests is known as Pest Control. Human or animal habitats are essentially infested with pests because human and other life forms are the hosts of these pests feeding them valuable nutrients for them to live and grow. Human habitats are essentially infested with mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, rats and mice, lizards etc that cause great harm to human lives and properties.

These pests infest residential, commercial, industrial and other social places with equal vengeance, causing no repairable damage and loss to lives and properties. Unfortunately, maximum human population has become so used to live with these pests that these pests thrive under their noses. It is not until a major disaster takes place caused by these pests that people become aware of the presence of pests. Had it been noticed before, people could avoid the disaster by becoming proactive and adopting pest control measures in their premises.

Pest cannot is the scientific method and process of minimizing and eradicating a wide range of such pest from human habitats. This can be done only by specially trained technical persons. This pest control requires specialized tools, equipments and safety training to implements it effectively. This needs exclusive knowledge of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and proper usage to make pest control long lasting and effective. Pest control in human habitat is the first step towards total health is modern life style of human society. PCSI is committed to excel in pest control activity.

What does PCSI look for when their team inspect the home of the client? What are the main signs of a pest infestation?

Pin holes appear in sheetrock, mud tunnels, when the team looks for termite infestation. There is visible termite damage in the house. The team also looks for dead insects, entry points of pests, and conditions that would increase pest harbourage in the house.

How can one tell the difference between Flying Ants and Termite Swarmer?

The termites have straight antennae on their head with a full cigar shaped body having two pairs of same length wings. The Flying Ants have elbowed antennae on their heads with an hour glass shaped body, having two pairs of wings of different lengths.

What is the difference between a Liquid Treatment and a Bait Treatment?

The Liquid Treatment needs an application of liquid termiticide to the soil in critical areas. This creates a barrier between the ground and the house. A Bait Treatment needs to place monitoring stations all around the housewhich contain bait within them every time during the year, to eliminate the termite colony.

What is the difference between Pest Control and Termite Control? Why Pest Control is not including Termites Control?

Pest Control covers control of those pests,those live above the ground in residential premises, while Termite Control covers control of termites that live under the ground.

Why does notthe pest control team come inside the home on every pest control visit?

90% of the insects inside your home comes from outside the house. Therefore, by treating the outside is more important as it stops thepests from entering the house all together.

Will the products the team usescan harmthe pets?

All of the products used are formulated for cold-blooded insects, and when properly applied, should not pose any threat to the pets.

Will there be any odour after pest control treatment?

Some pest control products do have an odour. This odour is not from the product itself but from the emulsifiers added by the manufacturer, to allow the products to be mixed with water.

How safe are the products used by the pest control team?

All products used by PCSI are approved and technicians apply all products as directed by the label.