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The four major reasons, as to why one should hire a Professional Pest Control Service Provider Company.

Almost all the people love to keep their homes clean and free from pests. They spend some time every day or once in a week to make sure that their homes reflect their true personality. However, for various reasons, the pests’ infestations are very common phenomenon at homes and the pests make their way into homes. These pests are very difficult to get rid of. No one wants to see pests anywhere in side of their houses. No one wants to see bed bugs crawling all over their beds and cockroaches roaming in their kitchens. One must opt for a professional pest control company to eliminate the pests invading…


Dengue larvae found in every third place

Dengue larvae found in every third place. 16 cases of Swine Flu reported in the city till today. With this onset of monsoon, epidemics of Malaria, Dengue and Swine Flu are rampant in the city of Indore. There are 3 deaths among the 16 reported cases of Swine Flu in the city. Dengue and Malaria larvae are found present in every third place from where the water sample is collected. The situation is turning to be unmanageable by the government health institutions. People must themselves be aware of the Dengue, Malaria mosquito breeding prevention measures and see to it that water is not logged in and around the…


The Director, PCSI, honours the General Manager of D.I.C, Indore

The Director, PCSI, honours the General Manager of D.I.C, Indore The Director of Pest Control Services INC, Indore, Shri Hemant Bhatt, to day, honored the Honourable General Manager of District Industries Centre, Indore, by awarding him with the Certificate of Honour from Pest Control Services INC, Indore. This Certificate of Honour was presented to the Honourable General Manager D.I.C., Indore for his remarkable contribution and services towards the welfare and betterment of the society. Pest Control Services INC, Indore always takes pride in acknowledging such social services of great importance rendered by key persons of the society and feels honored in honoring such persons. The Director, PCSI, expressed…


Pest Control Services has floated pest control service offer for clients

Pest Control Services INC, Indore has floated an excellent offer of Three plus One FREE general pest control service to its clients. In this pest control service offered, PCSI has offered a price benefit of 25% to all its customers opting for general pest control service in their premises. This offer allows the customer to avail the benefit of ONE FREE general pest control service, with the purchase of three general pest control service. Here, the customer must make the payments for all three general pest control services in advance at a time, to be eligible to avail the free general pest control service. This PCSI general pest…


Difference between Ant and Termites

Termites are commonly known as White Ants. But termites are totally different from ants in many aspects. Both the termites and winged ants may seem exactly same at first casual glance. But one can find many differences between them on giving a closer look. Ants- Ants are eusocial insects. Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors, about 140 million years ago, and diversified after the rise of flowering plants.  More than 12,500 of an estimated total of 22,000 species have been classified. They are easily identified by their elbowed antennae and the distinctive node-like structure that forms their slender waists. Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organized colonies…


Rat and Mouse, same family but different in structure and Character

About Rat- Rat is used to describe medium-sized rodents with long thin tails. There are many species of rodent that are called rats — kangaroo rats, cotton rats, Norway rats, black rats, African pouched rats, naked mole rats, wood rats, pack rats, Polynesian rats, and many others. These different rodent species may not be closely related to each other at all! Adult rats are far heavier and longer: they can weigh ten times as much, averaging 350-450 grams for females and 450-650 for males (with an overall range of 200-800 grams). They have 9-11-inch-long bodies and 7-9-inch tails. Young, weaned rats are still larger than adult mice, weighing around 100 grams at…

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Food must be protected from cockroach infestation.

The most secure and prominent place for cockroaches to live is where either food is prepared or the food is stored. The household kitchen, the kitchen’s wash basin, where the dishes are washed, the kitchen cabinets, the cool and dark corners of the kitchen are the most cherished places for the cockroaches to live and thrive. Cockroaches cause the widest range of diseases to humans. It can cause allergy, asthma, diseases related to gastrointestinal tracts of humans, such as typhoid, Paratyphoid, cholera, jaundice, etc. some of the diseases are fatal in nature. Cockroaches contaminate the food with their excretions, which, in turn, can cause very dangerous diseases. Presence…


Don’t Let Termites Destroy Your Houses & House Hold Goods

A house is a life time achievement for many. It is a treasure that can never be put at stake at any cost. Yet this lifelong effort and sacrifices to build a house can be put to dust by a simple negligence. Termite infestation can destroy a house so silently that by the time the house owner can detect the damage done by termites, it is often too late and the damage done is beyond repair. This damage caused to a house or house hold goods by termites is not covered by the insurance policies for property insurance. A simple technique of Pre-and Post-Construction Termite treatment can prove…