Why are there little black bugs in my bed?

These bugs are to be identified properly by an expert before you may decide for a pest control program for them. They may be bed bugs, may be something else. You will also need to find out about the reason as to why these bed bugs are there, at the first place. If you have bed bugs then they are there to feed on your blood. Other bugs might be there for different reasons. Carpet beetles, spider beetles, booklice and cockroach nymphs are all commonly mistaken for bed bugs bug.But they do not feed on your blood.

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What are some unknown facts about bed bugs?

Bed bugs have been around since the dawn of time. Scientists believe they were once cave dwellers, feeding on the blood of bats, but learned to thrive on the ever-growing population of humans on the earth. It is believed by many that only poor and dirty people get bed bugs. This could not be further from the truth. These bugs can be found in the wealthiest of homes and in the most prestigious hotels. Bed bugs are only found in motels. Sadly, this isn’t even close to true. They can be found in hotels, motels, cruise ships, forest cabins, taxis, buses, trains, planes, movie theatres, and residential homes.…

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What are the cheapest remedies for bed bugs?

It is best to use hot water to wash all clothes, linens and anything fabric that may have contacted the bugs. Heat will kill anything hiding in your linens. Use a dryer to dry everything as well, because a dryer will hit the bugs with a double dose of heat. Just make sure you pay attention to the tags on the fabric, as your linens may be dry clean only. Dry cleaning can also kill bed bugs, but make sure you inform the dry cleaner of the possible infestation. Once you’ve given your bedding the heat treatment, follow up by vacuuming all areas of the infested rooms. Vacuuming will remove any…

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How should I completely get rid of bed bugs from an Indian Apartment?

Bed Bugs are same in all the countries, where ever bed bugs are found. If your apartment in India is densely infested with bed bugs, you better immediately take professional help from professional pest control service providers. This pest control service provider, whom you call, must be well equipped with the latest technology of bed bug extermination. The latest technology of bed bug extermination is heat treatment, given by the pest control service provider. They will heat up your apartment to a certain degree of temperature and will keep your apartment heated for a minimum number of hours. This will completely exterminate bed bugs from your apartment. You…

How can I identify bed bug eggs

How can I identify bed bug eggs?

Identification of eggs of bed bugs can easily be done with the right tools and methods to be applied for the purpose. Bed bug eggs are small, white and about the size of a pinhead. They can also be seen with naked eyes. These eggs are difficult to find because of their very small size. One needs a magnifying glass and a flashlight to find bed bug eggs. These eggs are sticky and they remain attached to a surface. Bed Gug Control/Treatment Contact

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How do I fight bed bugs effectively?

You can adopt several home-made measures to get rid of bed bugs from your beds at your home. Bed bugs cannot tolerate sun light. You can place your beds and mattresses in open sun light for through out the day or for couple of days repeatedly, till the bed bugs are eliminated from your beds. You can also use pesticides, which are available in the market to get rid bed bugs. These bed bug killing pesticides are to spread on your beds and mattresses, those are infested with bed bugs. Hopefully, the bed bugs are eliminated from your beds and mattresses at your home, with the help of…