The severity of bed bug infestation can be dangerous for the victim. Bed Bugs can live in any hidden place and breed and multiply to an enormous numbers.

Bed bugs live on human and animal blood. It comes out in the dark and sucks the blood of its pray, till it is having a full stomach. When bed bugs infest furniture, who so ever uses the furniture can become it’s pray.

As the name suggests, bed bugs are mainly found in beds. It comes out during the dark hours of night, and attacks anyone, who is sleeping on the bed. It sucks the pray’s blood until it has a full stomach.

As such, bed bugs do not carry any disease, but it may cause anemia to its victims. Its bites causes irritation and inflammation on the skin of the victim, that needs time to subside.

Bed bugs can be eliminated through many household measures, but it is always best to take the services of a professional pest control service provider company for bed bug pest control.

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