Pest Control Service Incorporation - CEO’s message

Pest Control services INC is an effort to not only make our city, Indore and the surrounding areas free from pest-related hazards but also to make every person aware of pests and threats associated with pests.

Pests and pest carried diseases not only destroy human and animal lives, but pests destroy our invaluable assets and properties, causing us irrevocable loss. Pests must be destroyed at all costs to make us lead a healthy and prosperous life full of growth.

Pest control is a highly technical subject. Pest Control Services INC is fully equipped with latest technology and information related to effective pest control. PCSI regularly updates it manpower and technology to meet the challenges of new pests emerging every day. PCSI does not take chances with pest control as it is aware of its responsibilities of human and animal lives protection with security and protection of expensive and important property infrastructure.

Our endeavor to create a healthy and protected society cannot be successful without people’s active support. Everyone must know about the importance of pest control in his premises and get it regularly done.

With greetings.
CEO, Pest Control Service Incorporation