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Termites are silent destroyers. They hide and grow in domestic areas. They do not show any sign of damage. Their main food is cellulose, and plant materials. All households have cellulose food for termites. Termites grow on dead plants and trees. They also flourish on dead wood including wood in the soil. The termites have specially developed mouth part able to tear pieces of wood. They are small (I cm to few mm) in size but they cause heavy damage to property, house foundations, furniture, shelves, and even books and paper materials.

Subterranean termites - Live in soil. They build elaborate tunnel system underground. They have access to over ground food materials through these tunnels and cause heavy damage to house foundations. They build their colonies on walls and thereby keep on destroying walls of a house by building new colonies after breeding. They generally spread around windows, doors , wood panels.

Dry Wood Termites – Live inside the wood they eat. Dry cellulose plant materials are their food as well as home. They thrive on the wood and turn the wooden structure into white powder material, ultimately completely destroying the wooden structure. These dry wood termites also flourish on papers .

Damp wood termites – are much larger in size. They can be up to 25mm in length. They have wings and they can fly. They generally live in damp, soiled, decaying wood. They build colorizes in rotting woods. These colonies are usually small in size but can become large in favorable conditions. Formosan termites prefer warm climates. They are both winged and wingless insect. They build their nest and calories within the soil. They generally invade wooden structures by building tunnels room soil. They cause harm to house foundation mostly. These termites can build cartons inside wooden structures. They retain moisture in these cartons .

Cone head termites - are dark, cone head shaped termites. They build wider and bigger tunnels than other termites. These are invasive dry wood termite species. They eat almost anything made of cellulose. They eat trees, shrubs, roots, structures, furniture; fence posts rails and paper products. They are the most dangerous of all termites tribe.

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