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Spiders are insects from arthropods family. They are from class arachnidan. These spiders are found in tens of thousands in species. They vary wide in sizes and shapes. They can be very small, even near microscopic to reasonably big, as big as an adult human palm. They vary in color. They can range between absolute colorless to dark black. Some of them are very poisonous Spiders have well defined two segmented body. Their body is divided in belly and thorax. They have three to four pairs of eyes on their head. In spite of this, spiders have poor vision though some species have exceptionally good vision.

Spiders belong to different habitats. Some of them like moist, damp places, near basements and crawling places. Some like warm places, near ceilings, places near attics or ventilators. Some of them belong to jungles as they are completely wild. Some are found inside human houses or nearby areas, may be on trees or in vegetation. Spiders are carnivorous in nature. They are meat eaters. They love to eat other spiders. They eat small reptiles also. They are good hunters. They eat animals they can subdue and kill. Spiders are not having any chewing organ. They cannot cut their prey to pieces. So they use a digestive enzyme on their prey before swallowing them. This digestive enzyme makes the prey dissolve slowly .Spiders lay eggs to reproduce. Male spiders are smaller in size and they court females to mate. Eggs produce spider lings after some days. They develop in several series of molts and ultimately turn to adult spiders.

Spiders produce silk from their glands. They can spin webs with this silk. The webs help the spiders catch their prey. The webs are of different size and shape depending on the species. Some are funnel shaped; some are flat hexagonal in shape. Some of them big and some small. Some live on the web, some on wall or in some crevice. Many live on trees and vegetations.

Problems created by spiders
Spiders are a danger to humans if they bite. Or if they come in contact with human skin. Spiders have venoms to kill their prey. This venom is not always fatal to humans but they can create big problem if injected in large quantity. Spiders like Black widow or Tarantula is fatal even in single bite. The silk gland secretions in a spider may cause problems in humans. There may be some blister like eruptions if a human skin comes in contact with the spider secretions. These eruptions are very painful and last for many days. They are hard to cure. Spider venom causes a very severe pain and burning sensation if injected in the body. It may lead to paralysis sometimes. Some spider bites can create sores on the spot of bite. This becomes extremely painful after 8 to 10 hours of bite and the person must take expert medical assistance to get relief. A person must be very careful with spiders. One never knows how it can cause pain to a human. Spiders are therefore an injurious pest to humans and should be kept away from human habitats.

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