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Termite control

Termite control services

Termites are also known as white ants. It is found in all environments, both in dry as well as moist areas. It is most dangerous destroyer of wood, wooden structures and furniture.

Prevention - To prevent termites from growing, one must eradicate moist areas All water leaking sources should be repaired. Foundation of building infrastructures must be completely dry. Drainage and sewage should be properly functioning. Every water outlet must be clean. Entry and growth of any insect around water places must be checked and stopped. All garbage near house and commercial areas must be removed. very stump of useless wood must be destroyed. Wood must not touch the soil. Anti termite screen must be used around vents and outlets. Close observation must be maintained for termite signals. All winged insects in the house must be observed closely.

Elimination - A solution of borate insecticide is to be sprayed as per the instructions and intensity of infestation. This goes deep inside and protects the wood for many years. Fumigation is an effective method of termite control at the initial stage on surface area. It must be adopted frequently and repeatedly. The help of Pest Control Services INC are always available.

Pre Construction Termite Pest Control

Pre Construction Termite Pest Control

Post Construction Termite Pest Control

Post Construction Termite Pest Control

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