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Spiders are essentially not domestic insects that explore into a human house in search of food. It is a predator, eats other living creatures and sometimes builds a web to catch a prey. Spiders are stationery when they hunt for food. Otherwise spiders are ambulatory and prefers to live in the wild. Entries of spiders in a house must be sealed -Spiders enter in a house in search of prey. It enters through cracks and openings in walls, doors or windows. These cracks and openings must be found out and tightly sealed. Lights attracting insects must be switched off -Insects are food for spiders. Lights shining out attract insects and insects attract spiders. If the source to attract spider food is cut off, spiders will also not be interested to visit the house.

Vegetation around the house should to be restricted-Vegetation; mainly trees and shrubs are excellent hiding places for spiders. These are their habitat of choice. House must be cleaned regularly for cobwebs-Clean household does not allow spiders or any insect to hide anywhere. Proper cleaning of food leftovers prevent insects being attracted to it and that in turn does not tempt the spiders Spider webs are homes of spiders. They live there. They breed there. They leave their egg sacs full of eggs in the house. These must be cleaned and destroyed in regular intervals. This throws the spiders away from the house.

Insecticides must be used in every corner of the house. The house must be sprayed with conventional pesticide periodically. This kills existing spiders and their eggs and prevents new spiders to enter. Many house hold agents act as strong spider repellents. Vinegar, lemon, eucalyptus oil is very strong spider repellents. These can be kept in open jars around the house to keep spiders away. Peppermint scent also works very effectively.

Professional pest control such as Pest Control service INC will give best help If confronted with serious spider problem, especially poisonous wild spiders.

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