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There are ways to get rid of the rodents, but there are also likely to be times that one prefers to call a pest control professional - and times that it is best off to call rodent exterminator, who has extensive knowledge and tools to know where the rodents will be and how to get them out of the house -- and provide recommendations to keep them out!

1. One has to make sure that all food that is not in a can or jar is stored in the refrigerator or heavy plastic container during service, and for at least two weeks afterward. This includes chips, candies, nuts, cereals, bread, any grain-based food, pet foods, etc., that are normally stored in upper or lower cabinets, on counter tops, or on top of the refrigerator. Although usually bagged, rodents can chew right through plastic bags to get to foods.

2. One must repair any holes in walls, around baseboards, or doors that don’t seal properly. This is because mice can enter through gaps as small as 1/4 inch and rats through holes as small as 1/2 inch in diameter.

3. One must remove all items from the top of the refrigerator and from beneath the kitchen sink to allow access to these areas.

4. When the technician arrives, one should discuss the situation with him or her, making note of areas where mice or signs of mice have been seen.

5. The technician may be setting and placing a variety of baits and traps. One must not touch or disturb these during or after the service.

6. For ongoing control, clean, sweep and vacuum the home regularly. One must take out the trash on a regular basis, keep lids on trash cans, and keep all areas as clean as possible.

7. One must eliminate any unnecessary storage including boxes, paper, and clothing, because rodents will take shelter here, gnaw the items to make their nests, and even breed in undisturbed areas.

To achieve full control, the mice (or rats) need to be attracted to the rodent bait and traps that the service provider uses.

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