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Domestic premises are the most rat invaded premise. Next are the warehouses and go downs storing eatables. It must be observed keenly to notice any presence of Rat in the premises. Upon witnessing any sign of rat invasion, Strong measures must be adopted for complete rat elimination and control.

Rat Control Measures - The main rat control measures adopted are, Use of rat traps, Use of rat traps [Glue type] or Use of rat poison-The first essential step is to choke all food resources for rats. It must be made sure that rats do not get anything to eat in the premise. The drinking water supply should also be cut off as the rats need much water to drink. Then their access points to the premise must be blocked. Rats approach the premise through openings which are to be searched, found and completely blocked in such a way that they cannot be reopened by rats. Sewage, drainage. Toilets, kitchen sinks, rain water pipes; foul gas expulsion pipes must be repeatedly checked.

Use of rat traps - These are conventional rat traps which are placed in places where rats are most commonly seen or found. These traps use baits and the rats are trapped in alive. Some traps are designed to kill the rats also .

Use of rat traps [Glue type] - aces invaded by rats. Rats stick to the glue and cannot escape.

Use of rat poison - This is an age old method applied by humans inside houses, outdoors in fields or in food grain store houses, to control rats. This was found to be effective as it killed rats in a greater number. But it had its own problems. The dead rats were difficult to trace. The corpses rot and contaminate the entire area .Foul stink spoil the atmosphere and may spread diseases. Infected dead rats are grave threats to human health. Moreover, if poison by any means be consumed by a human, it may cost a life.

Rat control measures provide major steps in construction plans. They areā€¦Anti rodent building construction, blockage of every possible rodent entry inside the house, dry up all food and drinking water supply available to rodents, A professional pest control service like PCSI is the best possible solution to rat invasion problems. The rat control measure should best be adopted at the time of building construction only.

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