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Mosquitoes control

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It is difficult to destroy mosquitoes after they are born and grown. It is best to control their breeding. The most effective way to control mosquitoes is to destroy their breeding grounds. The water depositions in nearby areas and in vicinity of our residences must be completely eliminated. Kerosene oil can be poured in water, if water volume is large, this will form a film over the surface of water and cut the oxygen supply to the mosquito Fishes can be raised, In water reservoirs, These fishes will eat total mosquito population Mosquito nets should be used while sleeping. They are the best and safest protection .Houses should be so designed that plenty of sunlight enters in the house. Insecticides can be used in dark corners of the house.

Water logging areas and vegetation areas should be exposed to sunlight. Ultimately, it is the professional pest control like Pest Control services INC that helps effectively.

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