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Cockroaches Control

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All Cockroach entry point must be properly sealed. Kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas must be well protected from cockroaches. The gaps under doors, around pipe lines and neighboring areas should be guarded.

Cockroaches are nocturnal animals. Their day time hiding areas must be found out and permanently sealed. They live in cracks, crevices in the wall, behind pipelines and electric sockets and switches. Cockroach food resources must be dried up. Every food material must be stored in sealed containers. All food left over must be cleaned and food debris must be thrown away. All used utensils and potteries should be cleaned same night. Nothing should be left overnight. Water must not be allowed to accumulate anywhere inside the house. Garbage and waste must be disposed off each night.

Insecticides as indoor house cockroach killers are available in the market in spray form. Frequent use of these insecticides somehow checks cockroaches but they fail to eliminate cockroaches from house. It is always best to take the assistance of professional pest control to eliminate cockroaches, such as Pest Control services INC.

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