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Ants are very difficult to control because they are tiny creatures and their numbers are huge. They always move in groups.

All Entries to be sealed properly -Ants are always looking for food. They are fond of sweet food, or greasy food. They also look for drinking water. They can enter in any house through the tiniest of cracks or hole. All such entries are to be found out and sealed properly to deny entry to ants.

Chemical trails made and followed by Ants-Ants always move in a line .They are in search of food and drink. When they find food or drink, they start leaving a scent of a chemical. This is called pheromone. Any ant can trace this scent and reach the spot.

Ant Habitat locations to be found out and destroyed- Ants build nest to live in. They live as a colony. Colonies have large number of ants in them. The ants can build nests anywhere near human houses. They can be in lawns, gardens, woods, soil, just anywhere. Their presence in the surroundings makes it difficult to stop their entries.

Ant’s nests combine in colonies. A single colony may have 300000 to 500000 ants in it. Ants have amazing capacity to rebuild. If a colony is destroyed, it can be relocated and rebuild within couple of hours. This makes entry of ant very difficult. Ants have fairly long life span. The workers can live up to seven years. A queen may live up to fifteen years. The life of entire colony is therefore, fairly long. They reproduce a lot in their life time and they grow in population tremendously making the control difficult.

Domestic extermination methods kill ants those are visible. But the largest number of ants remains hidden from sight. They reappear very quickly and create the nuisance value again.

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