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Mosquitoes are insects, There are many species of mosquitoes, expected to be more than 3500 species of mosquitoes, world over. Only female mosquitoes can bite humans. Female mosquitoes suck blood from humans through a mouthpart called Proboscis .It pierces human skin and the mosquito draws blood by the pipe. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. On an average, a mosquito can live bit less than two months. Mosquitoes cannot fly very far or very high. They fly generally in less than 25 feet altitude.

Mosquitoes can detect human breath. They can locate human exhaled carbon di oxide and target their prey. Mosquitoes locate their victims by their sweat. Chemicals like Octenol, Cholesterol, Folic acid and certain bacteria attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can locate capillaries to bite, by detecting the temperature of blood flowing through it. Mosquitoes bite day and night. Mosquitoes are attracted by dark clothing. Light colored clothes do not attract them.

Diseases transmitted by Mosquitoes
1. Yellow fever - Yellow fever is a viral disease in form of high fever transmitted by Yellow fever mosquitoes
2. Dengue - Dengue fever is transmitted in humans by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albropietus species of mosquitoes. They are only day biters.
3. Malaria - Various species of Anopheles mosquitoes transmit this disease in humans.
4. Chikangunya - This a virus spread by Aedes aegypti species of mosquitoes.
5. Japanese encephalitis - This is a viral disease spread by culex species of mosquitoes.
6. Filariasis - This is a disease which deforms the lower limbs in humans. This disease is spread by culex mosquitoes.
7. ZIKA - ZIKA virus is spread among humans by Aedes group of mosquitoes.

All diseases mentioned above are s[read by mosquitoes in which Aedes group are day biters. They transmit maximum fatal diseases as they are all virus originated. None of these viral infections have a cure. An Indian scientist has claimed to invent ZIKA vaccination. But it is yet to be made available for public use. Malaria and Filaria are protozoa disease and can be cured at early stage.

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