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House lizards or common lizards are generally not considered as a pest. These animals belong to class reptilian. They are cold blooded animals and live hidden from the eye sights of humans, bigger animals and birds who eat them as their prey. The house lizards are also commonly known as Gecko. They have many different species would wide. The biggest and largest among them is Gila monster which is seven to ten feet in length. They weigh a ton and are highly poisonous. They have very poisonous saliva dropping out of their mouth which can kill any large animal instantly. All lizards are carnivorous and they eat meat. The house lizards live on small insects available inside the house. Considering this, the house lizards can be treated as a human friend as they keep the house free of insects.

Contrary to popular belief a house lizard is not poisonous. The contact with their skin may produce some allergic reaction in some but they can most certainly cannot kill anybody.

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