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House Fly

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House fly is a house hold insect. This insect is of many species and they are found in almost every type of habitat. The house fly is a human domestic insect essentially living in or in adjacent areas of human houses. The color of house fly is usually grey. But this can vary from black to brown. It carries four to six black stripes on its body. They have strong pairs of hairy legs and wings. They prefer to fly. They seldom walk. They fly real fast but not to great distances. They have composite eyes on their heads. They can look all round without moving its head. These house flies live in invisible corners of a human house. They rest in the corners or edges of walls or under furniture. They can sit on walls, floors, ceilings with equal ease and can crawl on any surface. They live on plants, leaves, grounds, garbage and even wires when outdoors.

House fly has a life span of around a month or so. They lay their eggs early to reproduce. They lay their eggs in warm climate and they like moist materials to lay their eggs on. Female flies lay up to 600 eggs at a time. These eggs hatch within 24 hours. These eggs grow into larvae, and then to pupae. They grow as fully developed house fly in about ten days time. The entire body of a house fly is covered with fine hairs. These hairs serve as their taste organs. The hairs on their antennae and three pairs of legs are the real carriers of diseases. Pathogens stick there when they sit on filth and they have their food.

These house flies are carriers for more than 100 types of pathogens that lead to deadly diseases. Many life threatening diseases are as a result of house fly infestations in our houses. The house fly feasts on rotten food, soiled materials, human and animal excreta, human and animal dead carcasses. Anything that is spoiled is a house fly food. These things are the best germinating grounds for pathogens. They thrive there. When a fly has its food on these materials, the pathogens stick on the hairs on its body and get transferred on fresh food or drinks very easily by the house fly when it sits on the fresh food or drink. People fall sick after consuming these pathogen contaminated food and drink. House fly is in general infecting humans by gastro intestinal pathogens. They are often life threatening.

House fly is a carrier of many other diseases other than gastro intestinal diseases. It carries about more than entire body problems creating pathogen on its body. They infect respiratory tracts, central nervous system, and blood vascular system in humans and big mammals. They are the biggest threats in human lives.

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