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Pest Control Services INC gives flat 20% off on every pest control service during Diwali festival

diwali offer

Pest Control Services INC, Indore is planning to come out with a grand offer of 20% discount on every pest control service during Diwali celebration period. The dates for this offer will be declared shortly.

Diwali or Deepavali is the festival when complete and extensive cleaning of the entire house hold is done by everyone. Many resort to whitewashing or painting the entire house. But these measures are insufficient to make the house pest free.

No house can be termed or declared as absolutely clean unless the house is free from disease bearing, life threatening pests. Any amount of cleaning or painting can never make the house pest free. Pest eradication can only be done by a professional pest control service provider and Pest Control Services INC gives the real Diwali Gift of a pest free house and a healthy family living in it, to all its customers.

So it is a Deepawali Bonanza Offer of having a pest free healthy home and family from the Pest Control services INC, Indore.

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