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Indore being an industrially developing and commercially developed city in Madhya Pradesh, a need of an efficient Pest control Service was strongly felt in the city to take care of pest control activity in and around the city of Indore. Dangers of pest infestations, pest born fatal human and animal epidemics and pest initiated damages were on the increase with the increase in city population and poorly managed establishment infrastructure. Improper sewage and garbage disposals led to pests and pest carried diseases in people, majority took the forms of epidemics causing loss of human lives.

Human and animal lives were at stake due to untreatable and lethal viral diseases carried by multiple species of mosquitoes. Diseases like Dengue, Encephalitis, resistant viral fever, swine flu etc became regular in the city and around, claiming number of human lives. Now this city faces threats of diseases like Ebola and Zika.

Properties worth crores of Rupees are destroyed every year because of pests eating away through wooden and other structures in residential and commercial establishments. These cause irreparable and irrevocable loss to the residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure in the city taking the city back financially every year.

Pests like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, rats, fleas, bedbugs, rats, termites, lizards are slowly destroying this city of Indore with its inhabitants. Here Pest Control Services INC stepped in with latest pest control technology and trained skilled manpower. PCSI is an organization regularly updating its pest control technology to meet with the challenge faced by the city of Indore and surrounding areas. PCSI is not only committed to eradicate pest related hazards but to make people aware of pests problems and pest control.

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